Thursday, July 4, 2013

To Mr Right

"No?! But, but why?"

Maxwell stared imploringly at Rhiannon in disbelief. He had been so sure that she'd go out with him; hadn't they spent the past few weeks being practically joined at the hip anyway? They went for meals and movies and chatted all the time on the phone, which made him believe they were already unofficially an item. 

"I think of you as just a friend, Max. You're amazing, you really are, but I'm sorry, I don't feel the same way."

Though dejected, Maxwell had a sudden revelation. The real reason for her rejection was a sentence he dimly remembered her mentioning a gazillion conversations ago, but he honestly had never taken her seriously, because it had just seemed so crazy. 

"Is it because I'm not Catholic?"

She froze momentarily, then composed herself to reply, but he'd got his answer already and didn't want to hear it. Muttering "Jesus freak", he turned to leave. 

She caught up with him. Of course she would've and he knew it. He never thought that religion was capable of being an obstacle, and despite his pride, he wanted to know why. Wasn't it enough that he cared about her and they had a great time together?

"Well?" He rounded on her, taking her by surprise. 

Rhiannon braced herself for her mini-speech. She wanted him to understand that some things were just non-negotiable to her, and this one went right on top of that list. 

"You're right, things might've been different if you were Catholic. I don't want to waste any time on a relationship with someone I can't see myself ending up with, and I know I can't have a family with someone that doesn't share my beliefs. I want someone I can teach my kids with about God, someone I can pray with and pray for, and someone I can grow with spiritually.

"So yes, despite a guy fulfilling every other item on my checklist; being good-looking, kind-hearted, ambitious, intelligent, and sharing or at least understanding my unorthodox sense of humour, it wouldn't be enough if he couldn't share this important part of my life. If someone's going to be my soulmate, his soul has to yearn for the same things mine does.

"Max, like I said, you're amazing. But we don't want the same things, and being with you wouldn't be fair to you or my future partner."

"That seems like a lot of pressure to put on a new relationship." Max commented.

"I'm not saying I'll marry the next guy I date, but I don't want to get into anything with a visible expiry date stamped all over it. I don't think that's an unfair expectation to have." 

"Wait," he interjected, "So what happens if this perfect future husband ever decides to renounce Catholicism and all your white picket dreams come crashing down?"

"That would suck I guess," she admitted, "But I'm not going to force anyone into professing a religion they don't believe in anymore, as long as he doesn't mess with the kids' minds until they're old enough to choose for themselves. I would hope he remains fundamentally a good person and not a closet sociopath, but that's just life, and I can't control how a person changes in the future."

Max knew when he couldn't win, and with Rhiannon having clearly mapped out her entire life plan, this was one battle that was lost before it ever began. Still, the bitch had been leading him on, and now had humiliated him when he decided to make his move, and he wasn't feeling particularly gracious about the rejection.

"I hope you're ready for a long, lonely wait. You might want to start liking cats."


Despite her emotional state, Rhiannon couldn't help but stifle a giggle at Max's parting shot - he never had been good with scathing insults, and it was his inherent good nature that made her want to be closer to him in the first place.

A nigging voice in the back of her head told her that she could've been really happy with Max, and that she was letting a good thing pass her by. If she was being honest with herself, she knew she had feelings for him too, and she'd let herself get too comfortable and forgot to pull away before things got serious.

Was it worth it? Giving up on relationships with wonderful guys (or meaningless hook-ups) just because she didn't want to head to rest stops before her destination? To go even more years of having noone to call late at night when she was scared or lonely? To end up a lonely cat lady because she was too picky?

Rhiannon rallied. It just had to be worth it, she scolded herself. If she allowed herself to indulge in these fleeting relationships just for the comfortable companionship, she ran the risk of letting Mr Right slip by, and that would really suck because - she winced at the cliché - he would be her other half in every aspect and would make her whole.

She just had to hold on to that other cliché, that good things come to those who wait. And considering how long she'd been waiting, he'd better damned well be the best knight in shining armour ever. Raising her eyes heavenward, she asked for patience until he showed up, hopefully in a sleek, sexy car.

And snuck in a request that he wouldn't be bald, or into all that ridiculous K-wave nonsense.

(p/s: I hope this post doesn't come off as preachy, because that was never my intention, and I fully respect everyone's freedom to choose how to lead their lives.)

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