Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Great American Adventure: An Afterword

Malaysia Again, Naturally


Heat once you descend from the plane, once you enter the airport, once you exit the airport. It suddenly feels like you're in a bloody sauna once you land. The heat just seems to envelop you and get under your clothes and your skin, making it impossible to ignore. It doesn't help that Malaysia is going through a scorching heat wave.

I forgot how humid the Malaysian weather gets, because even with hot places in the US it was all dry heat. And after two weeks of complete absence, I think me and my old buddy "sweat" is gonna get re-acquainted real soon. 

That, and the overwhelming smelliness of Malaysian public toilets, beginning with the KLIA toilets. Near all the public restrooms we used in US were clean and stench-free. So the first two things that greeted us when we touched down were completely unpleasant sensations. 

But they were familiar. And they meant we were home. After a long, hectic, exciting journey, we were finally back on native soil. 

Flying in at 4am allowed us the unprecedented ability to clear imigrations in 10 seconds flat. Which cleared our path to a slow baggage claim, and finally to the airport taxi. Who of course speeds back as the roads are all clear; something no taxi had ever done in the US.

But noone cares, because we are finally home. 

Home to a house that we've lived in for over 10 years, with a silly dog that went crazy with excitement to finally see us again. Home to amazing local food, my own bed, and people whom I've missed and can't wait to meet up with. Home to the most important device in the world: that spray thing we use to clean our asses after taking a dump; the US needs to know that mere toilet paper is NOT ENOUGH!

Seriously guys, who knew what a luxury that water hose had been all this while! All of us began longing for that seemingly insignificant contraption soon after reaching the US, and I'm so happy to literally have it within reach again!

I can't deny it. I am a Malaysian at heart. And no matter how far I travel, I will always love coming back, because there are just too many things I hold dear here.

But there is a form of sadness when coming home, because we now know that one has left it for good, to seek greener pastures on the other side of the world.

It makes me wistful to think that we're all growing up now, and we're all heading to different places, and soon enough we'll have our own families that'll make our original family less important. Everytime we meet up, years will have passed, and things just won't ever be the same again now that we're all reaching adulthood and have to enter the working world.

But fears of growing up must be faced, because time waits for no man, so I will have to man up (so to speak) and stop holding on to the past carefree life. I will miss us being a team, but I guess we'll soon have to find new ways to stay together, that can withstand time and distance.

I know I may seem like a spoilt brat from the way I complain about places we visit, and I suppose in some ways I might be, but don't make the mistake of thinking I didn't enjoy every moment of travelling the land of the free. 

I mean, experiencing living in America, even if just for under two weeks, was a really amazing adventure. Different laws and social rules, being out of place and sometimes discriminated against, is all part and parcel of the trip. Even so, I am still extremely grateful for this opportunity, and I know I will cherish it forever. 

Because as cliché as is sounds, you really do broaden your perspectives and horizons by travelling. So after gaining some much needed fresh inspiration and insight, its now back to the stark reality of the daily grind. 

...Oh wait. I'M ON A THREE MONTH BREAK BABY!! Time to sleep all day and party all night!

Or more likely, read books and catch up on my soaps. Life's good for this introvert!

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