Wednesday, March 27, 2013


(And not in the sexy way.)

Today, I just wanted to talk about my day. Because it has truly been one of the weirdest days of my life. And I want to document it so I don't forget any bit of it, because right now it's like the whole incident had never happened.

So lets get to storytime on my crazy afternoon!

I had just come back from college at around noon-ish from a mock test, which I ended up not doing even though I had spent the past week prepping for it. But that's not my point, 'cause all the people sitting around me didn't write anything either and most of the time was spent discussing the questions amongst ourselves. The point was, I was exhausted from a weeklong lack of sleep, and decided to take a much needed nap on the sofa.

I woke up after about one and a half hours in a scratching frenzy. Like, an uncontrollable itch that just wouldn't go away and let me go back to sleep. I just kept scratching and scratching in semi-consciousness, until I couldn't take it anymore and decided to head upstairs to shower and get rid of the itchiness. At this point, I thought it was regular insect bites, because I sometimes got those after sleeping on the sofa.

Once upstairs and more awake though, I realised I wasn't scratching my arms or legs or back, which is where any usual bumps would be. I was scratching where I suppose the most heat would gather (?), being my neck, bra straps, around my bra sides and bottom, and umm the space where your thigh meets your crotch. There were multitudes of bumps in those areas that looked like regular insect bites, but were more itchy than anything I'd ever experienced.

Even after a shower, things refused to get any better. In fact, the bumps and itching kept getting worse and worse. It got harder and harder to resist the urge to scratch, so I finally gave in and decided to go to the clinic.

You should know that I probably haven't visited the doctor in 5-6 years. I hardly fall sick outside of your usual flu or cough, which my cure for is drinking as much water as your body would allow and taking vitamin C, and anyway I hate going to the doctor's. I am terrified of shots, intrusive examinations, and those extremely graphic disease posters clinics love putting up to scare the shit out of you.

But I had never had a bad rash, what more an itchy bad rash, so off to the clinic we go. I even picked out clothes so I could easily show the irritated areas, praying I would get a woman doctor so I would feel less embarrassed.

Once I walked in the consultation room, lo and behold it was a woman doctor. Yay! But I got no chance to take off my clothes, because after saying "I think I have a rash" and showing her my neck, she immediately said "you have allergies" and started prescribing anti-allergens and calamine lotion. Also unsurprisingly, the moment she asked if I wanted a shot, all sensations of itchiness ceased, probably out of pure fear, because while waiting for my medicine the itching kicked in again.

Apparently, I'm not allowed to eat chicken, eggs, beef, small fish, belacan, beans/lentils, brinjals, or shellfish for the next week or so; but I can eat big fishes, pork and beef. Which basically means my meals at home will suck because all I can eat from our regular meals now are green vegetables.

I told her I've never had an allergy all my life, and told her [those areas] had more of insect bite-like bumps instead of a full-out rash, but she waved my concerns away. She merely said that allergies can come later in life, and that I would be feeling very uncomfortable for awhile. And that was that.

This will be the first time I've ever pooh-poohed the advice of a doctor. Even while she was saying it, I knew that after one or two days I would go back to eating chicken and eggs and ignoring any food restrictions, because I refuse to believe an allergic reaction would occur after 20 years over an hour of napping. Plus, all I had today was cereal and fried meehoon (which my maid has been cooking for years), so there is no visible trigger.

The thing was, she was so blasé and unconcerned about the whole thing! She barely looked at me or paid any attention to me, but kept scribbling stuff on her notepad. And I instantly disliked her for it. Aren't doctors supposed to be all intrusive to get the best diagnosis? Here I am trying to show her my affliction, and this dumb woman doesn't give a shit.

So I believe she was wrong wrong wrong. Which is so shocking to me because I've never ever questioned the advice of a medical practitioner before, maybe because I was so much younger the last time I went to a doctor. I've always believed health is important and I should always listen to the experts, but this is just way too far-fetched for me to rely on.

And this is horrible character development. I used to view doctors as miracle workers, but I suppose skepticism has manged to creep into near every aspect of my life now.

Anyway, after I got home, things got better and worse. Better, because the itching had ceased near completely; worse, because the bumps had swollen to about 10 times their earlier size and looked horrifying. So I took my pills (she prescribed 3 kinds) and applied calamine lotion and went about my day. Which is basically watching YouTube videos on the iPhone.

I decided to go check on the bumps about 40 minutes later, and was shocked to see that all the bumps had basically disappeared. There is still some redness at where the worst bumps were, but for the most part, how my body had looked merely 2 hours ago seemed like a bad dream. The whole incident seems so surreal now.

The entire line of events, from waking up covered in bumps, to this point where the bumps are near gone, occurred merely within a span of 3 hours. It feels like the rash thing never happened. It's a good thing my sister was with me the whole time today so I have an eye-witness on what happened, or else I wouldn't believe it myself.

I think I won't be taking any pills tomorrow; thank God she didn't prescribe antibiotics.

And I might just be having chicken later tonight.


Ok, I'm now editing this post at 11pm. It's been almost 4 hours since dinner, where I had both chicken and egg, and didn't take my allergy pills. All's good and well so far; I look and feel like nothing had ever happened. I guess maybe the sofa bugs got really horny today or something.

Life's good people! Never trust what anyone may say if your instinct tells you they're wrong!

...well actually you kinda should. Especially when it's your health and life on the line. So you shouldn't take things from me.

No lessons learnt today then!

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