Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A clean slate.

A new year has dawned upon us yet again!

For me, the coming of the new year brings about the greatest amount of hope and anticipation. 365 (well, 364 now) brand new days unfurling before us, ripe with endless possibilities, with countless adventures that have yet to be taken. The new year sweeps away all the mishaps and heartaches of the past, leaving us with memories and lessons learnt, and we shall strive not to repeat our mistakes in 2013.

Most of us, myself included, were apprehensive of "doomsday" on 21/12/2012. While I was not completely convinced that the world was going to end, and so did not in any way become a "doomsday prepper", I still had misgivings that we may after all be wiped out from this world.

Even though my Christian teachings have told me that "you will not know the hour when the Lord is coming", the hype surrounding the whole doomsday thing seeped through the cracks and stayed in my mind. When 22/12 rolled around, I let out a breath of relief I had no idea I was holding.

So this new year is even more special, because we thought we might have been dead by now. And while we will die someday, and the world will end someday, that day has not yet come, and we should celebrate everyday that we are still alive. I'm sorry if this post may seem more depressing than your typical new year excitement, but I promise you that it is acceptance of the reality of our mortality, that will lead us to cherish every moment that we have, and help us grow to be a better person.

I don't make New Year Resolutions, because I never follow through on them. But I wanted to list down things I hoped to achieve anyway, without placing such an imposing label on these hopes. So I simply hope that this year, I will become the best version of myself that I can be.

I hope to become a more compassionate, generous, and helpful person, be it with people I love or with people I have newly met.

I hope to be more adventurous and less timid. Maybe I'll finally go on a wild roller coaster. Or you know, finally set foot in a club. (Doubt it's possible to be more lifeless than me, eh?)

I hope for romance and passion; and hope to find true love.

I hope to be more outgoing and to form new bonds. I love my current peeps to bits, but it is possible to get too comfortable with your routine.

I hope to break those horrible bad habits, namely procrastination and laziness, that have left me once again struggling with last minute assignments.

I hope to regain my vigour to actively find the time and inspiration to write more often.

And I hope, above all, to have the strength and courage to follow my heart and conscience, in everything that I choose to undertake.

Rest assured that despite the sombre tone, I am extremely excited to see what 2013 has in store for me! I pray for good health, wealth, and endless joy for everyone reading this! I really hope I'll become a better blogger this year!

Cheers everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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