Saturday, August 25, 2012

Murphy's law.

You wait hours for a bus, then three come at once.

You rush like crazy to catch the usually late train because you have an important arrangement, and it comes early for once.

You cannot find something when you need it the most.

And so the list goes on. Time and time again, life screws us over by refusing to give us things when we feel we need them the most. It's the most frustrating feeling where you feel like screaming your head off and hitting something, but unfortunately your predicament does not change.

I am currently enjoying a one month semester break. And it is getting depressing how little I am accomplishing.

During the stress-filled weeks leading up to the finals, I was hell-bent on making sure my holidays would be when I did things that I had to deprive myself of during those long, painful two and a half months. Movies, outings, getaways, writing, actual exercise etc.

It's been two weeks into my break now, and I've done nought but relax my head off. And I've accomplished all my movie, tv, and storybook goals, but not much else.

The one that bugs me the most though, is that I have yet to write anything. I aimed to write at least once every other day, but so far have only done so once excluding this post. Inspiration just does not strike when I am the most available to act on it, and this has really been getting on my nerves.

It's not that I haven't been trying to get it to strike, but that eponymous writer's block still holds firm. I've become one of those people I hate, because I've always believed that writer's block was just a lousy cop-out from getting down to work.

But that's just how it is right now. And it's exceedingly disheartening for someone who aspires to one of those people who can never run out of things to talk about.

I do want to write more, but nothing has been inspiring a spur of thoughts so far. And I dislike writing short posts about basically nothing, like this useless one right here.

So, what do I do for the rest of the month now then?

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