Thursday, July 5, 2012

What goes up, must come down crashing.

My week has been a complete roller coaster. I've got good news and bad news.

The good news is, as some might know, my little tongue-in-cheek post on Sun Ho received its 15 minutes of fame when it was somehow spotted and linked up on on Tuesday! Blog hits had been climbing since I published that piece, and it hit its peak on that day! I have had little over 1000 unique visitors (according to nuffnang) within the week it was published, and I am thankful beyond words.

Previously, my obscure blog hovered around a steady 20-odd unique visitors per week. The small number didn't matter to me, because I was writing purely for the sake of writing, whenever the inspiration hit. Honestly, I would have been contented with 1 view per week, because it just mattered that little to me.

I have no idea how so many stumbled across my blog, and why apparently it was deemed newsworthy enough to have been mentioned on a foreign news website. I am very much aware that this wave of interest will very soon pass and I will be back to obscurity with my nonsense ramblings, but still, it has thus far been the highest point for my little blog, and I am a proud mama.

So again, thank you God, thank you singaporedaily, thank you Weijian, and thank you anyone that has stumbled across that piece and recommended it for someone else to read! Like seriously, I now know how it feels like to be completely light-headed and on cloud 9!

But every silver cloud has a dark lining. (Its an inaccurate description; "life is full of ups and downs" would have been more appropriate, but this just sounded nicer.)

Today, the tingly happy buzz I've been living in since Tuesday completely dissipated: My car was stolen. Its a black Wira in Subang Jaya, with the number plate WNH 1834.

I didn't believe it at first. I did the "missing car dance"; walking towards my parking spot, stopping abruptly upon realising my car's absence, walking around checking nearby areas while slack-jawed in disbelief, pacing and circling my parking spot in shock, then finally making calls to report my loss (to mommy, not the police) and to make alternative transport arrangements.

Since my mom saw it when she left for work at 7, it must have been stolen soon after, because I came out of the house at 8. My car was parked right in front on my house, and I'm pretty darn sure it was locked.

My emotion train flitted from disbelief to rage to sadness, then quickly back to rage. Its currently flip-flopping between maligned-fueled anger and self-pity. My mood is so unstable right now, I doubt I'm making any sense here.

I suppose it could be worse. I could have been forcefully robbed and noone came to my aid, there could have been valuables in the car (there was an umbrella and at most 5 bucks of change), I'm completely unhurt, and I'm fortunate enough to have easily made alternative transport arrangements for the near future.

A police report has been made, but I have zero faith in the law enforcement system to bring my baby back safely. Or even to bother with an investigation, given that the car is common and practically worthless, and the level of efficiency of car-thieves nowadays.

Perhaps I had accumulated too much happiness over the past 2 days that something bad just had to happen to balance everything out. Never once have I truly thought of myself as a "victim" until today. I just want to crawl into my corner and wait for my chariot to magically appear in its usual spot tomorrow.

Because my main concern now is how to get to my mani pedi appointment tomorrow.

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