Thursday, July 19, 2012

Try not to fall.

It was a gloomy and windy afternoon. Large grey clouds jostled for position to block out every ray of sunlight as far as the eye could see. Every now and then, ominous thunder would break out, signalling that a thunderstorm would be approaching very soon.

Rhiannon was perched on the very edge of the tower, her hair wildly whipped by the storm winds peppered with drizzle. Pensively, she gazed down at the city 700 feet below her dangling legs.

She thought about how she got up here. Doubtlessly, it was in pursuit of fun and excitement that caused her to depart from her usual reasonable self to ascend the concrete roof of the high-rise building. And now that the power had gone out, and would unlikely return until the storm had passed, she would have to climb down an infinite number of flights of stairs down the outdoor fire escape to reach safety.

She turned back to glance at the electrically-locked door that now barred her passage to a motionless elevator. Noone knew she was up here, and they wouldn't be able to help her anyway.

There were only two ways she could escape the ensuing storm: face a potentially crippling stairway marathon, or jump to imminent death. Staying put might not result in her death, but it put her in such a perilous situation it made every inch of her tremble. It made her head pound, her heart stop, and her entire self turn into a breathless, wide-eyed maniac.

Rhiannon lambasted her stupidity and short-sightedness. If only she had had the foresight to halt her frivolous endeavour sooner; she'd already known a storm was approaching, she just did not want to let it impede all the fun she was having.

Resigning herself to her fate, she carefully got to her feet, mentally preparing for her thighs to be sore for weeks to come. "No point wasting my time here on this ledge anyway," she thought, "better late than never."


This is what I get for putting off studying until the last minute. Never once have I been in the scary position of actually possibly failing my exams. Pure panic mode: ON.

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