Monday, July 2, 2012


30 days to go. Finals are so close I can taste it.

I am still so far away from being prepared! I still struggle with basic answering concepts and am still unable to memorise everything I need to. The bitter bile of fear lingers at the back of my tongue every waking moment.

Problem is that the subject matter is extremely brain-heavy. Coupled with stress, it packs quite a potent lethargic punch.

So what do I do? I take breaks in between studying. Of course, taking those breaks only work if you have the discipline to go back to studying. With me, it rarely occurs until hours later.

Doesn't help that I'm still hooked into that stupid adorable online game either. Suffering from withdrawal symptoms as I type this.

So what's my point here?

Well, there is none. I just wanted to complain about how useless and uneducated I feel right now. And I can't even blame it on pms because my period's not due.

Gaaaaaah be gone you clamouring laziness! I need to studyyyyy. 8 more chapters of criminal and public law! Get up and move towards the study table, Jules!

...Or you know, after logging onto my game for a few minutes. Heh, I'm weak.

I'm sorry. To make up for wasting 2 minutes of your time reading this disjointed gibberish, have a gander at this pretty picture I took of myself by chance. Take heed that I look nowhere near this good in public.


p/s: look at my pretty hair pre-weedwackered! :'(

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