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Sun's a Ho!

[Update on 4th July] 
This post has been listed on! I am unbelievably thankful for my obscure little blog to have been picked up by a foreign news website! So, so grateful to whoever Weijian is; if you're reading this, please send me an email so I can thank you properly!

I hope everyone reading this can appreciate that these are just my small thoughts on the whole issue, and take everything with a pinch of salt. Peace y'all! Hope you enjoy reading!

Excuse my crassness. I just couldn't help myself.

So I'm assuming everyone has heard about the latest scandal regarding Singapore's City Harvest Church (CHC)? Where the founder and spiritual leader Khong Hee and another four senior church members have been charged with siphoning around SGD50m from church donation funds to bankroll Ho Yeow Sun aka Sun Ho's pop music career? Sun Ho is Khong Hee's wife, and CHC has always maintained that her secular music career is aimed at reaching out towards non-Christians.

Well, I have a LOT to say about this! I mean, sure we have a lot of European sex scandals involving priests and altar boys, but this one is just way more scandalous, because it is also unbelievably ridiculous!

I'm not saying that the accused five are guilty of their charges. Even though the situation looks entirely convincing, I am willing to give them the benefit of doubt.

What I want to rant about today is the absolute lunacy that Sun Ho's secular music career is supposed to bring non-Christians to know Christ. Don't get me wrong there, I know that there are many ways to spread the faith, and music has always been and always will be a strong medium for this. But Sun Ho's music has absolutely nothing to do with God, the Christian faith, or any morals in general.

I only watched her English music videos, because I don't listen to Chinese music, and because these would likely be the ones used to "reach out to a greater number of non-Christians". In all her music videos, Sun Ho acts like a complete Hollywood princess wannabe, trying (and failing) to evoke perhaps Lady Gaga and Beyonce. I would honestly describe it as the spoilt Playboy bunny going out to have fun, at the expense of her sugardaddy (churchgoers).

She moves around half naked with a full face of heavy makeup painted on, and gyrates to heavy club beats. The lyrics are meaningless, the vocals are completely autotuned, and her videos are your run-of-the-mill slutdances that glorify sex, drugs, and fun.

"How dare you call me a moneysucking slut, I'm a messenger of God!"

The thing is, her music isn't even good! Like, its already encouraging us to throw all our morals away and get down on our knees in front of strange men instead of the church pew, so it should be comparable to the other clubbing songs of today right? To at least satisfy their aim of reaching out to non-Christians (genitals)?

Well then, even with millions of dollars and the best voice-editing systems, this pastor's wife still sounds unbelievably flat and toneless! I am surprised that she chose this route even though she has zero talent, doubtlessly trying to gain fame.

On a side note, I am also marveled at her level of confidence and self-control, to be able to parade around in skimpy outfits even though she has nothing to show for it. She should have gotten a boob job, so others can "reach out" to her! It would fit her current harlot image so much better anyway.

Oops, I'm sorry! You think I'm being harsh and am overexaggerating? Well here's proof! I'm going to share 3 music videos, in increasing order of interesting-ness, and you can judge for yourself if she's preaching God's message:

1. "Fancy Free"

Well besides the obvious attempt to evoke Lady Gaga and maybe Pink, Sun Ho just looks like yet another self-absorbed popstar wannabe. I apologise for the bad video quality, but our dear friend's music isn't very famous and this was the best I could get. 

I didn't make it through the whole video, and mostly skipped around 30 sec intervals. It was enough to see that all she did was gyrate around in sexy costumes and sing about herself being beautiful, and noone could tell her no. Wonderful message to all non-Christians out there!

2. "Kill Bill"

Congratulations if you managed to watch that whole video! Because I could barely make it through the first 30 seconds. Apologies again for bad video quality.

Do I even need to explain this video? She wants to kill her husband (played by amazingly sexy Tyson Beckford no less! I'm sure one of the world's most famous male models offered himself up to your selfless cause and did not take any money from your church!) because she's a reluctant housewife. Other than looking really cool in some martial arts scenes, she manages to completely massacre my eardrums, yet again bares practically her whole body, and encourages us all to break the fifth Commandment!

This was the video I was referring to earlier, when I mentioned that her voice was a complete trainwreck, and no amount of autotune would be able to give her a shred of talent.

3. "China Wine"

I suppose this was the prelude to the earlier video? Look at our smoking hot Tyson Beckford! I'm sure he did this video for free too!

Noone gets a prize for being able to finish this megabudget video, packed full with scantily clad women, chest and hip thrusts, girl-on-girl caressing, and non-stop references to alcohol. Would anyone like some wine now? Or perhaps more appropriately multiple tequila shots?

Sun Ho collaborates with Wyclef Jean, whom I remember most for his collaboration with Shakira for "Hips Don't Lie", and I'm sure hiring him cost a bomb. I have nothing against this idea of collaborations however. You want to collaborate with international artistes to spread God's word? Why not Coldplay, whose secular music is chockfull of Christian influence? 

Oh right, because you's a Ho.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making slutty videos and being a lousy singer. But when you claim that you are trying to reach out to non-Christians with these videos, you are nothing but a liar. Its like putting a shiny bow on a viper and calling it a puppy. You absolutely disgust me, and you are a disgrace to all Christians everywhere who are truly reaching out through secular music.


I cannot believe that the crackdown on Khong Hee has taken so long to surface! Sun Ho's music career has been ongoing for years now, how come noone realised something wasn't right earlier, when they saw their pastor's wife dancing around like a complete slut?

I'll tell you why: blind faith in man. 

There are many supporters that believe the accused five are completely innocent, especially this guy here who wrote a letter demanding an apology from the authorities. He claims that "church members have given voluntarily to the church", and that "the church does not have to account to the public how the donations are used".

I'm sorry, but how obtuse can a person be? The church members gave money with complete trust in the church board to channel the money to the less fortunate, and if it doesn't end up being channeled that way, you think they should shut up because they willingly donated?

If this guy donated to say, ABC's Children Fund because he believed the money was going to starving kids in Africa, but it turned out that it was funding the founder's drug habit, I bet he wouldn't be spewing such nonsense! I honestly cannot believe how unreasonable and foolish his line of reasoning is! There should be absolutely no justification for using donated funds intended for charity for personal enrichment, no matter if the accused embezzlement is by a church or multinational conglomerate.

If there is a charity scam going on, the public should be made aware.

I am aware that the accused five have not been proven guilty of running a scam, but there is still a need to bring it to public knowledge. And why does he seem so angry that anyone would dare challenge the integrity of his beloved senior church members?

They are only human, and humans make mistakes. Your blind faith should instead be put in God, to pray that justice be done to the accused, and that people will not lose their Christian faith simply because of a few wolves in sheep's clothing.You should pray that this scandal will not stop people from giving money to the church, and that in future all donations will be properly channeled.

You should not be insisting that the accused five shouldn't be accused at all, because it is possible that they did do it, and betrayed everyone's trust in doing so, because they're human.

I'm Catholic, and I understand how angry some people can be for their leader to be charged for such a heinous crime. But I'm also reasonable, and I know that if my priest was guilty of a crime, I would want to know about it; and if he wasn't, then his acquittal would only strengthen the church's bond.

So I say: let justice take its course. The truly innocent would have nothing to hide, and would fear nothing and noone but God.


  1. Indeed many are quick to judge. Let he who has no sin cast the first stone.

    1. I can't tell if you're criticising me for hating on Sun Ho or agreeing with me that Khong Hee & Co might be innocent! So I shall respond to both.

      If its the former, someone who has willingly put herself in the public eye should expect some form of criticism. (But indeed, unreasonable and slanderous accusations should never be tolerated!) And also, I am not claiming to be pious or right, but merely stating that I believe her music was never meant to reach out and spread God's word, but was only for her selfish gains of fame and fortune. Everyone criticises others (including you, if this was what you meant, and even if it wasn't); and I believe the verse means one should not condemn others, not that one could never criticise another, because that would be impossible.

      If its the latter, then I agree! Even though the situation looks like they are guilty, it may just be that they are innocent! We'll just have to wait and see. Personally though, I believe they are guilty to a certain degree, and the whole operation involves a LOT more than just 5 people.

    2. The judgement has already been made, Jesus was making the challenge of execution. "Go sin no more..." is judgement.

  2. For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. I don't judge them. Pastors and their wives should serve and be an example for their congregations. No amount of successful ministry if the wives don't submit to their husbands. If she loves his husband, it would be natural for her to sacrifice even her career. Open rebuke is better than secret love.

  3. "The church members gave money with complete trust in the church board to channel the money to the less fortunate, and if it doesn't end up being channeled that way, you think they should shut up because they willingly donated?"

    Well I believe you have a clear misconception that churches always channels money to the less fortunate. Which is clearly not true as money can also be channeled to missionaries and other needs apart from the poor and the needy.

    Even though I am not from the church, I think you are disillusioned about Sun Ho's Videos in terms of her agenda behind it. Based on their rationale, these videos are more of a publicity stint, to gather non-christian fans and supporters and to bring them into the church where the prosperity gospel would be shared to them. You write as if you know Sun Ho very well, but you're quick to condemn and judge her. What if Kong Hee and Sun Ho and the cross over project was really an idea of God? Then wouldnt you be judging God now? Who are you then to judge God?

    I believe that you should retract this post especially and give your personal voice and verdict only after the trial is over. As of now, you ought to be praying that justice be prevailed rather than measuring and judging their actions based on your puny and bias standards.

    It is best that you do not post this kind of things relating to Protestantism especially when you are a catholic cause you are making a laughing stock out of yourself as you pass this kind of judgements when you do not have a clear idea on what the protestants believe.

    1. Yes, money is needed for a lot of other things in a church, but I assumed it was crystal clear what i meant was that noone should have to shut up if there was alleged graft going on.

      My personal view was given not just based on my religion, but how I believe any reasonable person would opine. If you bothered to read on, you'd see that I did write that they could be innocent, and prayers for justice should be made. I didn't pass any judgement on the charged offence, but only on Sun Ho's music.

      And I dare to say that this "cross-over ministry" is not an idea of God, but only to fulfil their own desire for fame and fortune. If you truly believe that overbudgeted music videos filled with vice will make people want to experience the love of Christ, then perhaps you should consult your nearest Protestant friend because all of mine agree with me.

      And if I'm ever made a laughing stock for my core principles and beliefs, I will willingly carry that cross, but thank you for your concern.

  4. you are doing well with the writing. thank you for makevit public. stay on the course. sun ho's secular music is just a tip of iceberg. i believe in more fundamental fault within.

  5. This i a lose, lose. Either it is fraud in which case there will be no records of spending in keeping with the massive amount of funds....or it is hubris. If it is the latter it shows incredibly poor judgement. To spend that much to make music that awful is remarkable.

  6. Jules C. - I could not agree any less with you.. This is so true.. every word what you have written. And as for the Mark dude who believes the "Cross Over Project" is God's will, this project won't bring the youth the Christ. It may give some of the Asian teens a hard on.. but that's about it.. I am terribly sorry to see how you live in this delusion.

  7. Awesome I'm not really religious but that story gave me a good laugh. Maybe it's time for people to skip the church step and go straight to charity with a clear purpose.

    Note: also she has indeed nothing to show, Sun "whore"still made me horny with so little dresses and not-well-coordinated-but-slutty moves

  8. Awesome I'm not really religious but that story gave me a good laugh. Maybe it's time for people to skip the church step and go straight to charity with a clear purpose.

    Note: also she has indeed nothing to show, Sun "whore"still made me horny with so little dresses and not-well-coordinated-but-slutty moves

  9. The real intention of deeds is in the heart that only the bearer knows. They can fool people to cover up but only the real truth will uncover. So there you go, Guilty!. Thats all thats said.
    The "Cross-over" thing, I thought of a better way to achieve that but of course if Sun Ho truly have talent. She could have done this. (Click on the link)

    This sisters voice blew people away and with no doubt she can send messages across to her fans. Why do all the crap music video when no one watches and wasted millions when they can go to the people who truly need them.



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