Saturday, June 16, 2012


It was a few days ago, when I was walking towards the train station after being dropped off by a friend.

3 Malay guys (no I'm not trying to be racist, but this helps you picture the accent), that were maybe 10m away from me, started going "Ah moiiiii" repeatedly. Now this itself is a regular occurrence, but they went on to shout things like:

"I love you!"

"Do you love me?"

"If you love me, I'll f*** you!"

"Aiyo, sedap-nya dia macam." (direct translation: she looks delicious)

I was uncomfortable, yes, but definitely not worried about anything happening to me. More so, I was disappointed at how they were conducting themselves, and how ridiculous the whole situation looked. I wasn't worried for my safety, not because of my close proximity to the train station and all the staff there that recognise me, but for much more obvious reasons.

These Malay dudes were much younger, and even shorter than me.

I mean, aren't they embarrassed at all that they are hitting on someone maybe 6 years older than them? (They looked around 13.) I honestly felt kinda sorry for them, maybe they're just really short for their more mature ages, or perhaps I look younger than I am? (Yay!)

Or maybe, this bloody "cougar" thing has gone out of control. I know quite a few guys that say they only like older girls, not even those the same age would do! They claim older girls are more sophisticated, experienced, and sexy.

I dunno, but it all seems so ridiculous to me. The thought that in any world, I would find someone my age dating a 13 year old seems so indecent. Its equivalent to the mental gap between Hugh Hefner and any one of his bunnies. It just makes you shudder in discomfort and disgust.

Ptui. Yet another unpleasant day of commuting. Meeting icky, smelly, noisy people has become and unfortunate daily occurrence in the life of the daily commuter.

I cannot wait for when I have no need to take the stupid, inadequate train service everyday. Just 11 more months to go.

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