Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A message to all men.

"You are not pretty.

For pretty is too mild, too weak and inadequate, to be used to describe your alluring presence. No, you my dear, are beautiful."

And in the books, the movies, and probably in many real life scenarios, the girl (or hey, maybe guy if you swing that way) would absolutely swoon over the speech-giver, and proceed to throw herself fully at him, believing that at long last, her fruitless search for true love is over. Here, is a person that has finally seen my true essence, and calls me beautiful! Not pretty, but beautiful!!

I scoff at their naivete.

Like I have endlessly said, Hollywood has dictated way too much of our thinking when it comes to romance. We girls have now grown to think being called merely "pretty" is demeaning as it comes from a superficial view that regards only our looks, but being called "beautiful" is another wonderful experience altogether, where the guy has considered every single aspect of our being.

Somehow, being called "beautiful" now means that you have a kind heart (sometimes they call it beautiful heart to double the effect), a shining personality, and basically you are an amazing person inside and out. You are miles above a "pretty" girl if you are called a "beautiful" one. Almost every girl thinks this way.

And every single guy knows it. I've been called "beautiful" by people I hardly know, doubtlessly expecting me to swoon at them for being so non-superficial, for being a completely refined intellectual that has stared into my very core. When in reality, they have just been staring at my boobs, because to them boobs are beautiful and have kind hearts and shining personalities.

I cannot stand this. I cannot believe guys think calling a girl "beautiful" is all it takes to make us swoon. Worst of all, I cannot believe how many girls fall for it all the time.

I pity the word "pretty", I really do. There is nothing wrong essentially different between both words; if you strip them both down to their core meaning, both mean "attractive".

Yet "pretty" has been cast out and overlooked by Hollywood producers, and has now been replaced by the even more skin-crawling adjective, "hot". Maybe I'm contradicting myself here, because "hot" in this context does refer to attractiveness, but it just seems too uncouth to me. Fine to say to the random stranger at the nightclub, but not for the language of flowers doth "hot" reside.

So by this reasoning, I suppose the only merit I can find for using "beautiful" over "pretty" would probably be that it is much more flowery and appealing in an aesthetic sense. Sure, you look less uncouth when you use the word "beautiful", but you could also express yourself equally well with "pretty", because we all know you aren't referring to a girl's personality. Both words should be able to be used interchangeably, without so much prejudice towards "pretty".

Flowers and scenery are called "beautiful", yet they do not have the depth of a human soul. If one can refer to both the love of their life, and a flower in bloom as "beautiful", suddenly the word doesn't seem as special now does it? You cannot hold or kiss a flower, nor will it provide you with laughter and company, in the infinitely better way than a lover can give; so how can you still think the word is meant to make you swoon, when it can be thrown around so callously with ease?

You wanna call a girl "beautiful" because you think she has a kind heart and shining personality that brightens your days and fills your life with purpose and when you look into her eyes you feel like the stars in the night sky are twinkling back at you? Then bloody tell her all of that, and stop being lazy by shortening it to one silly word that pales in comparison to that whole sentence.

To be clear, I am not dissing guys that call their girlfriends "beautiful". Its wonderful that you want to express your affection towards her. But I am through with the idea that calling a girl "beautiful" is all it takes to woo her, or trick her into believing you're not a shallow person.

Its not enough guys, and it will never be.

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