Monday, May 21, 2012


Is effectively what I am doing right now.

I've ranted countless times about my uncertainty about my future choice in career. Complain, complain, complain about how "poor me" has to suffer through indecisiveness and may end up with a miserable future with a job I detest. Well, despite my professed love for writing, I've yet to take any concrete steps towards making something out of myself.

It is time to put my (non-existent) money where my whining mouth is.

Prior to this, blogging has been an outlet to vent. To express emotions that would have otherwise been stamped down and promptly repressed. To expose myself and hope that somewhere out there, someone might be reading this and may relate, and I might help that someone through my words.

I enjoy writing. At the moment, there is nothing I truly enjoy more than formulating thoughts, and scrambling with the endless frustrations to pen them down with the exact words that best emulate my emotions and thought processes.

However, I have never consistently sat myself down to write, choosing only to write when convenient to do so and when inspiration struck. According to the number of posts I currently have, both events have not often run concurrently. If ever I were to take up a writing career, would I be able to cope with the pressure of having to write everyday?

Could I handle the struggle of not being able to summon my inner creative spirit at will, with the guillotine blade of "jobless bum" over my neck? How would I be able to cope with being given an assignment with an unfavourable topic? Is writing my calling, or a mere hobby?

And so, I have decided to become an active blogger. By writing at least twice a week, about anything under the sun, as long as it is not too ridiculously short and meaningless. I need to regain perspective of my life; and find out once and for all, if writing is what I need to be doing.

So basically, I've just become engaged to my writing dreams. Only time will tell if there will be a joyous everlasting union, or a bittersweet lovers parting at the end of this period.

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