Sunday, February 5, 2012


They had known each other for years.

Belonging to different cliques, they rarely acknowledged each others existence. When meeting in social situations, conversations were usually generic, stilted, and greatly awkward.

But as always with all love stories, it all began with a spark. Although always friends albeit with barely anything in common, there was that one defining, unguarded moment when they looked into each other's eyes, and definitely felt a frizzion zap through, effectively connecting their souls, for those few seconds where you feel you know the other intimately.

You feel a connection. It's like that line in the Avatar movie where blue people say "I see you" — "I see your soul".

Suddenly, it seems like anything is possible. And you'd do anything to keep this connection going, just because it felt so amazingly magical.


Does this only happen to me?

When you meet a random person and feel sparks fly between the both of you with just one look, and suddenly you feel like you're meeting a kindred spirit?

You have never seen this person in your life before. But suddenly for that mere second you feel like you and that person were definitely meant to be close, if not together?

When a frizzion passes between you two, and you both feel it, holding gazes a tiny moment longer than necessary, before shaking it off and continuing on your way. You then promptly forget about the whole incident within the next five minutes.

This happens to me all the time. You may say it is a side effect from watching too many girly chick flicks, and as such believe that there is a miraculous, breath-taking love story waiting around the corner for every lonely girl, one enormously romantic strangers/enemies/bestfriends to lovers tale just a heartbeat away. When you become just a tiny bit deluded and detached from reality, lost in rose-tinted clouds.

Well maybe I am, but what if those frizzions were of the genuine variety, rather than the type that is just built up in your own head, where you think that some cute guy may be into you?

Frizzions can happen even between the same sex, and needn't be of any sexual nature. Indeed, frizzions have nothing to do with sex at all, despite popular belief. It's just a shock of supercharged emotions that effects from locking eyes with another. It can even happen between friends and family members, although barely noted due to the already supposed closeness, hence connection between souls then is usually taken for granted.

But back to the random stranger on the street for now.

What if that one look between two strangers was really a meeting of souls? When you brush it off and forget about it, are you missing a shining opportunity to truly connect with another kindred spirit?

Do frizzions even mean anything to the cautious modern society, who'd choose to retreat into one's antisocial bubble rather than approach this other person?

Well yes, there are safety issues to be considered. But sometimes, taking a chance may greatly pay off in the long run. How many of us can truly say we have enough people in our life that we can truly connect with and not hold back any of ourselves?

So yes, I encourage you all to take note of these frizzions. And when you encounter them, simply smile at the other, and if you really feel the connection, perhaps it's time to pop that little bubble and allow others into your life.


So the moment of frizzion has passed. Although it may have been a product of drink or overimagination, she realises that this is truly a scenario of "it's now or never". This may after all be your soulmate, someone to spend forever with after all those silly cliques melt away.

Its either go for it, or don't regret not doing so. She has 30 days and counting.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

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