Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A fresh start.

Its 2012!


Ahem. I am completely aware that it is already the 4th of January and the new year bubbliness and hopefulness is wearing thin all around, as we get back to real life after the ball drops. Not that Malaysians are in the same time zone as the US, or that I was actually at Times Square, but I digress.

This new year's eve, I celebrated at home. I ate ice cream and watched a happy movie, Shrek 2 (my fav Shrek movie!) with the family.

Sounds boring huh. I would like to say that the only reason I stayed in was because earlier that day, I was 2 hours away from home, attending my great grandmother's funeral. God bless her, may she rest in peace. 

But anyway, it meant that I was only home by 7pm. Roads to the city centre were starting to pile up, and most people were already at or near to their party destinations. Meaning getting to wherever my friends were celebrating the new year would be an unpleasant experience for the impatient driver, aka me.

However, as it turned out, my friends somehow all individually opted to stay home for new year's eve. I mean, we're not the "party people" that others are, and hey by no indication does this mean we are boring even though we probably are, but this was new years eve, which is the time to party!

But no, they remained home. So with the lack of an agenda, so did I. And so ushered in the new year playing minesweeper on my iPhone. Not such a great start huh.

But I am hopeful for greater things to come this year. Even though I'm not the type that makes new years resolutions, I do intend on working harder on my sorely neglected blog this year.

I know its not glitzy or glamorous, but its my precious baby; where I can truly let my words run freely. I rarely blog because well, I need a spur of inspiration for ideas to flow. However, I aim to post something at least once a week this year.

Time to do what I love the most more : write.

I hope whoever reading this, will have an inspired and productive 2012! I love my non-existent readers. Yeay.

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