Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Friend zone".

(Placed in inverted commas because I think it's one of the silliest things ever.)

The "friend zone" lament by guys has been overcrowding all forms of social networks nowadays.

All over the Internet, guys are complaining of being "everything a girl says she's looking for", but yet she only considers him as a friend.

They protest that girls are idiots that always fall for the asshole guy that screws them over and bleeds them dry, and then have the nerve to say that all guys are assholes, simply because they "friend zone" the nice guy that's been in front of them this whole while.

Umm, hello pot, it's the kettle calling. Won't you please answer my call?

What about guys that "friend zone" girls?

What about those girls that you yourselves have put in your own "friend zone" while you were chasing this hot chick that you already knew didn't like you the same way?

You know, those girls you think are "nice", but they're just too fat/ugly/stupid/boring for you to be interested in?

Aren't you yourselves guilty of putting these people in the "friend zone" yourselves just because you could never in a million years see yourselves dating them?

So why are us girls being shot down for being too picky then?

Guys claim girls set their standards too high. They want a successful guy that's also good looking and kind hearted, which is near impossible for 99% of the male population to be.

Well then, what kind of girls are you searching for?

Definitely the tall, leggy, busty supermodel with a brain to boot right? (Ok I'm kidding, I know the brain is optional.)

And obviously, this amazingly hot chick wouldn't date plain ol' you. But you spend all your time whining and pining over her, blaming the "friend zone" for standing in your supposedly otherwise clear path.

Dude, you never stood a chance. As neither do those other non-bombshell girls waiting in the sidelines.

But wait. What is that you are now saying?

"I couldn't possibly imagine dating her, she's just like a friend to me!"

Precisely my next point.

A person is only put in the "friend zone" because of the lack of sparks/chemistry/butterfliesinyourtummy.

You are only put in the "friend zone" because simply enough, he/she is not attracted to you.

All the love and laments and time spent pining over another will not work out in the end if there are just no sparks there to ignite.

All that just happens in fantasies. And every single Hollywood chick flick ever made. (Stop watching those, they're all lies!)

You can't force someone to feel something for you. Noone can control how or to whom these sparks fly, especially times when you fall for someone you just know is 100% wrong for you.

Yes, it is unfair because you love him/her so so much but nothing would ever transpire. But so what?

It isn't the end of the world. Just forget it if it's not gonna work out anyway, bitch about it to your friends, then pick yourself up and start all over again.

As they say, there are plenty more fish in the sea. And if you wait long enough, a special fish might swim into your net. Even if not, pick up your nets and cast them at another location.

So to all you dudes that blame your hopeless love lives on the "friend zone", guess what?


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