Friday, October 7, 2011

How to change the world.

My iPhone comes with an inbuilt story.

It all started when I decided I simply had to go for the Lion King musical in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The show was enjoyable I suppose, but a great letdown in the sense that I expected my first professional musical experience to be life changing, being a lover of the arts. (That, and ticket prices cost a bomb.)

Oh digressing a bit here. Did you notice the 'cost' in the last sentence of the previous paragraph being used in place of 'costed'? Apparently 'cost' itself is the past tense of 'cost'.

Initially I typed 'costed', but my OCD was killing me as I couldn't recall any situation where the word 'costed' was ever used. So I just had to go look it up to pacify my mad OCD. Stupid thing.

Ok digression over.

So anyway, when the family and I were in Singapore, we took the train the get around. My dad even complained that the trains were taking too long, which was ridiculous as I have to endure 30 mins waiting for an overcrowded train every weekday. (Seriously, after my education I never wanna take that stupid ktm disaster ever again.)

The point being, EVERYONE ON THAT TRAIN WAS USING AN IPHONE. It didn't seem to matter which direction we turned, everyone of every age was happily tapping away on their intuitive touch screens of their overpriced phones.

This kinda drove my mom into an intense state of (peer?) pressure.

She spent the next few days lamenting that she wanted an iPhone. Granted, her phone was in dire need of replacement, given it didn't even ring when people called, regardless of whether it was on silent mode or not.

You should probably know that my mom is a technophobe. And this is coming from me, that knows less about technology than anyone I know. Hence, a smartphone would honestly be wasted on her.

But my dad, being my amazing dad, went ahead and bought her an iPhone 4 for her birthday a few weeks later.

And get this.

Less than 24 hours after she started using it, she declared it was too complicated and promptly decided to give it to me.

Bear with me now, a tiny snippet of background information required here. That being, I have always been very outspoken on how I do not want to own an iPhone, even way before our little trip.

I disdained it for being too expensive, too popular, and too quickly made obsolete when the newer model comes out.

Also, I dislike touch screen phones as they seem impossible for me to type with. It was sufficient for me to play with my friends' iPhones when I wanted to play an iPhone app, and then return to my reliable old phone with good ol' buttons.

However, my phone has been serving me since I was 14. It stood the test of time, and doubtless has seen me through my many changing stages of life, but how could I say no to a free smartphone that would serve me so much better?

And so I made a life changing decision. And I have since eaten all my words.

I literally cannot live without my iPhone.

I use it for everything imaginable, and then some. I mean, I spend hours playing games, no longer carry around my camera and iPod anymore, and I haven't touched a computer in weeks, because I can now get it all in one place. In fact, all blog posts thus far have been typed on my iPhone.

It's amazing how convenient that one little phone can be. Honestly, I can now understand why it become such a global phenomenon.

Admittedly the touch screen keyboard thing was difficult at first, but after you've been glued to the phone for so long, you get used to it.

It's been little over a month since I first received my iPhone, and I now suffer separation anxiety every single time my phone is not within direct reach.

In plain words, the iPhone changed my life. And probably millions of satisfied customers all around the globe will have similar sentiments to share.

And all the kudos goes to one amazing man.

Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs
(Feb 24, 1955 - Oct 5, 2011)

iThankyou Steve Jobs. You have truly changed the world.

May your soul rest in peace, Amen.

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