Thursday, October 6, 2011

Game of Love.

It is a danger when you realise you feel something for someone you should have never felt something for in the first place. When you realise you spend almost all your waking moments thinking about him. (Which is made worse by the problem of impending examination doom.)

But isn't there a sort of masochistic allure that draws you towards unrequited love?

This same allure of all classic romance yarns the like of Romeo and Juliet, Mark and Cleopatra; all revolving around the single principle of one daring to believe they could love someone they shouldn't.

Perhaps Hollywood has also played it's part towards all this "dreams will come true" nonsense. The sheer volume of romantic movies that has been churned out to cater to this forbidden allure. (Guilty of being one of these suckers.)

But who ever really knows?

Maybe I will end up with this guy. Maybe we'll end up really falling in love and sail off into the sunset together.

The whole point is, regardless of how unlikely the chances, who are we to tell our hearts to stop beating for that certain someone? How do you stop (perhaps one-sided) meaningful glances from occurring?

Ultimately, who are we to stop love when it chooses to smack us in the face, albeit in the least expected form?


However, this may not be love. Naïve as I may be, I believe I have learned though countless heartwrenching ordeals to be able to differentiate between love and infatuation. (Teehee I sound so worldly.)

Nevertheless, a pounding heart and an indescribable need still pulses through me everytime you walk by. You will never know this though.

We are worlds apart, after all.

But until this feeling goes away, who knows what may happen. In the safe confines of my mind of course.

(For ML : a hidden desire of which he will never know.)

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