Thursday, October 13, 2011


I wish I could write about something else. But there's only one thing on my mind. And that's you, ML.

Stupid crush sapping away all my focus to study. Sigh.

I realise though, that this is just an excuse. I've been able to perform well in these kind of situations before. Maybe I'm just not serious enough about what I'm doing.

Why though? Do I honestly still think my dream of writing, of performing will actually come to fruition?

Perhaps I do, and my excuse for merely being above average and not exceptional is because I want that get-out clause.

I still dream about being able to do what I love for a living. Not just what I am willing to tolerate.

To be able to pour my heart out in writing, in song, in dance. Expressions of the soul just for the sake of expression; pure and without holding back.

Sigh. Dreams that will never come to be, burried away in that elephant graveyard at the back of my mind.

Back to reality, Jules. Focus.

Back to law.

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